A Cybersecurity CEO’s Take On Mitigating Cyber Risk & Handling a Healthcare Ransomware Attack

Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle speaks with Decoder Podcast Host Nilay Patel

Is cybersecurity like that scene at the beginning of the movie Sneakers, where Robert Redford’s company figures out how to break into the bank, and then they go and tell the bank how to secure itself?

What’s HIPAA and how does it work?

Do hospitals keep a reserve of bitcoin to pay for a ransomware attack? And why does the FBI advise hospitals and healthcare organizations not to pay ransomware attacks?

Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle had to opportunity to answer these questions and many more as a recent guest on The Verge’s Decoder Podcast as part of their Cybersecurity Week 2022 with host Nilay Patel.

Patel and Cagle go deep into the complexities of managing risk, the cycle of ransomware attacks, the value of patient data, and how digitizing patient data has made hospitals and healthcare systems vulnerable to these attacks.

This episode is well worth a listen and full of insights on protecting healthcare data and systems. A big thanks to The Verge and decoder for hosting us and facilitating such an interesting conversation.

You can read the transcript to this podcast episode here. 

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