Cloud Security

Manage risk while tapping into the power of the Cloud

Leverage the Cloud without Compromising Security

Most healthcare organizations are storing data in the cloud; many lack the expertise and resources to manage cloud security risk effectively. Clearwater brings in-depth knowledge of web-based environments and technical expertise to help you take advantage of Cloud solutions while minimizing the risk of a breach.

Supporting you through the complete solution lifecycle

Whether you’re working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we can assist you with strategy development and analysis, compliance and architecture assessments, monitoring, prototyping, and remediation services.


  • Security control recommendations
  • Application security development and deployment processes
  • Workload migration strategy
  • Scenario development
  • Vendor selection criteria development and selection guidance


  • Build a replica of the proposed environment
  • Review, test, and validate
  • Develop practices that combine software development and IT operations
  • Integrate application and infrastructure security into the development process


  • Risk remediation as identified in Evaluate phase
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Container scan
  • Compliance scan
  • Penetration testing (Blue Team/Organization)
  • Network
  • Application/Database
  • Access


  • Cloud deployment security readiness assessment
  • Frameworks and compliance assessments
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Penetration testing (Red Team/Independent)
  • Network
  • Application/Database
  • Access

Featured Experts

Our experts leverage decades of experience to support your organization’s unique cybersecurity and compliance strategy.

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Alan Gush

Alan Gush is Clearwater’s Vice President of Technical Security Services, bringing Clearwater customers 22 years of executive and technology leadership […]

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SME Highlight

Carter Laramore

Carter Laramore is a Cybersecurity & Risk Consultant at Clearwater, bringing Clearwater customers experience as a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner […]

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Why Clearwater?

The Clearwater team evaluates threats and vulnerabilities across applications, system components, cloud technologies, third parties, medical devices, locations, and even people, arming you with the security insights you need to determine the best path forward.

Get the clearest view possible of where your risks lie so you can tackle them head-on and stay in control of your business.


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Looking for comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance program?

Led and executed by expert healthcare privacy and security professionals, our ClearAdvantage managed services program leverages our award-winning SaaS-based software platform IRM|Pro® and the benefits of an integrated and efficiently executed, best-in-class cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance program at 25% – 50% of the cost of traditional approaches.

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