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Cybersecurity Support for Rural Hospitals

A Former CISO's Perspective on What Is Needed

Why Healthcare Transformed into Cyberhell in Two Short Years

Ransomware is everywhere, it seems, but nowhere as bad as the healthcare industry. Here's how we got here, and what it means for payers.

Reports: Florida Health Department Dealing With Data Heist

RansomHub Group Claims It Began Leaking 100 Gigabytes of Stolen Information

HIPAA compliance: It is time for a remodel

We should step back and assess our current programs and determine where we need to remodel to bring the programs up to date with the current landscape and standards.

Proactive strategies for addressing the continuous threat of cybersecurity in healthcare with Baxter Lee on Diagnosing Healthtech

With the rise of increasingly sophisticated attacks, healthcare organizations face an ever-increasing array of challenges in protecting sensitive information and maintaining operational integrity.

Empowering remote healthcare workers: A collaborative approach

Healthcare organizations are increasingly adopting remote work as a permanent strategy. In this new era, robust cybersecurity is critical.

Why security basics are the key in safeguarding data

Security professionals instinctively may seek sophisticated tools to bolster protection, but they often don’t have the staff to implement them. It’s time to go basic.

Preparing to respond to cyberattacks with minimal disruption

Dave Bailey, VP of Consulting Services at Clearwater Security, says healthcare organizations should assess their security risks and be ready to defend against the type of cybercriminals that have recently impacted the industry.

Securing Growth: Cybersecurity Strategies For Specialty Healthcare Providers

Private equity (PE) firms have increasingly turned their attention to the healthcare sector, with specialty healthcare providers being a particularly attractive investment target.

Australian Regulators Detail Medibank Hack: VPN Lacked MFA

Court Filing: Threat Actor Stole Admin Credentials From IT Service Desk Contractor

Cybersecurity lessons from the Change Healthcare hack

In late February, UnitedHealth Group’s Change Healthcare unit faced a significant ransomware attack, sending shockwaves through the healthcare sector with far-reaching financial consequences.

Rx Benefits Firm Notifying 2.8 Million of Data Theft Hack

The Breach Notice Raises the Question of Whether Sav-Rx Paid a Ransom


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