Cybersecurity Services

A better way to navigate healthcare cybersecurity

Don’t try to go it alone. Partnering with Clearwater gives you the wisdom and experience of our consultants, who have served as cybersecurity experts for healthcare organizations of all sizes and structures. Large health systems, private-equity-backed physician groups, and fast growing digital health companies all look to Clearwater for scaleable, mission-focused cybersecurity programs.

Build & Mature Your Healthcare Cybersecurity Program

Reduce cyber risk with Clearwater

Clearwater enables you to achieve your cybersecurity objectives and reduce risk by identifying gaps and creating and efficiently executing an actionable plan to address them.

Get cyber risk management right with Clearwater as your compass.

Healthcare’s MSSP

Threat detection and response—protecting the business of healthcare

The Clearwater Security Operations Center (SOC) works 24×7 to keep your organization operating without disruption.

Program Leadership & Transformation

Our expert team serves in CISO, CPO, and CCO roles during defined periods—offering a cost-effective alternative to full-time hiring

OCR Quality® Risk Analysis

Rigorous and powerful risk analysis, powered by our IRM|Analysis® SaaS platform for all your information assets

OCR Quality® Risk Response

A clear path from risk analysis to risk reduction

Incident Response

Helping you more effectively react, contain, investigate, and remediate cybersecurity incidents

Resiliency Services

The tools and guidance you need to prepare for and respond to cybersecurity incidents effectively

Technical Testing

A full suite of services to help you identify potential vulnerabilities and improve your organization’s security posture

Security Engineering

Remediate vulnerabilities and ensure solutions are effectively configured

NIST CSF Maturity Assessment

A streamlined assessment of your cybersecurity program

Vendor Risk Management

Cost-effectively identify, prioritize, and reduce third-party cyber risk

Cloud Security

Leverage web-based solutions securely

Medical Device Security

Identify critical risks within your connected device environment and take action to address them

405(d) HICP Assessment

Demonstrate that federally recognized cybersecurity practices are in place, helping protect your organization from attack

Security Controls Validation Assessment

Justify your investments, strengthen your defenses, and drive down risk

Managed Services

If you need a more comprehensive program that includes program leadership and management, industry best practices, managed security services, and more, our managed services programs might be the perfect fit for your organization.

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