ClearConfidence™ by Clearwater

Transform risk analysis from an annual project to a cost-effective, value-driving program

Clearwater’s ClearConfidence managed services program positions you to protect patients, achieve compliance, and avoid downtime while creating efficiency.

Tackle Cyber Risk with Clearwater at Your Side

For hospitals, health systems, and other large healthcare organizations with complex IT environments and large volumes of ePHI, an annual risk analysis is now an antiquated approach.

Powered by our award-winning IRM|Analysis® software and our deep bench of security and compliance experts, ClearConfidence is a fully outsourced security risk management solution and program designed to maintain continual risk analysis—no matter the size of your hospital or health system.

Program Overview

“We knew there were better strategies than rushing through a risk assessment at the end of every year to check a compliance box.”

– Jackie Mattingly, CISO, Owensboro Health

Comprehensive Ongoing Risk Analysis

Aligned with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Special Publications, our approach to risk analysis ensures a consistent pulse on your security risks and appropriate remediation. 

Advanced Technology

The Clearwater team uses our proprietary IRM|Analysis SaaS solution to manage your risk at the information system and component group level providing greater visibility to risk.

Program Leader & SMEs

Your dedicated Clearwater program leader executes the program, including communicating risk to stakeholders and coordinating Clearwater’s broad team of domain experts

The Clearwater team uses our proprietary IRM|Analysis SaaS solution to assess and manage your risk at the information system and component group level providing greater visibility and insight.

OCR Support

In the event of an OCR investigation, our team will help you respond to OCR’s inquiries related to your risk management program.

Featured Experts

The people behind the ClearConfidence program bring decades of experience and tailored expertise to their work with your organization.

SME Highlight

Trapper Brown, CASP

Trapper Brown is the Manager of Consulting Services at Clearwater, bringing Clearwater customers over 15 years of experience in information […]

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SME Highlight

Nykeeia Heath, CRISC, CCSFP, Sec+

Nykeeia Heath is a Principal Consultant at Clearwater, bringing Clearwater customers over 16 years of experience in Information Technology and […]

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Case Study

Owensboro Health on Taking Cyber Risk Management Beyond the EHR

CISO, Jackie Mattingly

Early in 2021, Owensboro Health decided to expand their cyber risk management strategy and initiate a continuous, comprehensive enterprise cyber risk management program through Clearwater’s ClearConfidence™ offering.

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Why Clearwater?

Through ClearConfidence, you get access to a dedicated program leader, skilled security risk analysis, and ongoing program management. We act as an extension of your team, performing continuous risk analysis and risk management and delivering the strategy and insights you need to optimize security investments, meet OCR’s expectations, and become resilient.

With comprehensive ongoing analysis, you are better informed, can proactively address risk, and have a partner who provides expert advice and drives action and progress.

Hospitals & Health Systems

The pressure to do more with less has never been greater. Thin budgets and competing priorities typically mean things get missed and risk grows. It doesn’t have to be that way. Clearwater’s experts specialize in hospital/IDN cybersecurity, helping you avoid downtime, protect patients, and achieve compliance—while making the most of your resources.

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See how IRM|Analysis provides healthcare organizations a rigorous, comprehensive, and efficient way to manage risk at the information system and component group level. It gives you a more comprehensive understanding of where risks lie across your entire IT ecosystem.

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