Managed Cloud  Services

Azure Cloud and Microsoft 365  services that deliver scalability and cost efficiency with reduced risk

Enabling healthcare innovators and specialty providers through managed cloud services with expert operations, security, and compliance management

Managed Cloud Services Designed to Meet Healthcare’s Needs

Leveraging data and applications in the cloud provides healthcare organizations with a cost-effective path to scaling operations, but managing security and compliance in cloud environments is not exactly the same as traditional IT. Finding a partner that understands your unique challenges and will help you achieve your goals while mitigating risk is key to success.

Clearwater’s Managed Cloud Services for Azure provides design and implementation guidance, but the ultimate value is the 24/7 operations and oversight by healthcare experts. These services enhance your ability to achieve cloud security, maximize performance, and maintain compliance as you grow.

Cloud Confidence

While cloud platforms come with inherited controls for HIPAA/HITRUST and other compliance standards, they don’t cover all of the responsibilities needed to ensure security and compliance for your organization. Clearwater manages all of these responsibilities on your behalf in the cloud environment, so you can be confident knowing you have the expertise to protect your organizations’ ability to provide care and deliver innovative solutions. Planning, design, implementation, continuous monitoring, and optimization are all covered by a team that is committed to serving the needs of the healthcare ecosystem.

Azure Cloud

Scalable Services and Security

  • Network, Servers, Service Components
  • Clearwater 24/7 Security and Operations 

Microsoft 365

Full Operational and Compliance Support

  • Mail, Storage, Collaboration
  • Policy Management
  • Security Logging

Identity Management

Directory Services

  • Entra ID Secure Configuration
  • Monitoring
  • Change Management

Virtual Desktop

Reduce Security Exposure

  • Active Virtual Desktop (AVD)
  • Ensure System Availability
  • Security for Data and Privacy

Security Management

24/7 Security Operations 

  • Endpoint Threat Detection
  • Extended Security to Combine Security
  • Log Management
  • Change Management


Design, Implement, and Manage to Meet Compliance Needs

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Adherence to Policy & Procedures
  • Verification going beyond cloud compliance inheritance templates

We provide flexible and scalable managed Microsoft Cloud Services for Azure and Office 365 solutions with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare business and compliance needs, environments, and associated security risks.

Clearwater works with you on an action plan that maximizes your budget and addresses the technology and expert gaps so you can make the best decisions for your business. When done right, Managed Cloud Services make it easier for HITRUST certification and a way to cost-optimize and enhance cyber resiliency. Clearwater’s healthcare-only focus and experience across all market segments provide a level of efficiency others cannot match.

Optimize Across Specialty Care Locations

Scalability and Growth:
  • Quick adjustments for increased data, processing, and user load
  • Consolidate diverse infrastructure environments into one operational model addressing security and compliance leveraging Microsoft cloud and services
  • Increase value in the market and cost-optimize with built-in risk management

Expedite Cloud Service and App Delivery

Agility with Compliance and Cybersecurity: 
  • Expertise in Azure cloud, healthcare applications, and risk management to ensure market opportunities are not missed
  • Quicker validation of compliance with key healthcare standards, including NIST CSF, HIPAA, and HITRUST
  • Additional services are available to support Web App design, development, and testing from Clearwater experts

Support for Cloud and Extended Environments with Managed Security

Consolidate Service Providers:
  • Accelerate security maturity with Clearwater Managed Cloud and Managed Security Services spanning your Azure environments and services and providing coverage across other environments on premises or otherwise
  • Endpoint/server security and ransomware protection, log management, vulnerability management, and firewall/network security can be additionally provided for on-premises locations for cost-effective security, compliance, and risk management

Featured Experts

Your Clearwater Managed Cloud Services team is led by cybersecurity experts who know what it takes to keep your organization safe around the clock.

SME Highlight

Steve Akers

Steve has over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity and compliance and more than 15 years in security and consulting services.

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SME Highlight

John R Fitch II – CISSP, MS Security Expert

John Fitch is an Azure Cloud Security Architect at Clearwater, bringing Clearwater clients over 20 years of experience in cloud […]

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Why Clearwater?

Security is complex, and HIPAA or HITRUST compliance is not enough

Regardless of size or type of business, organizations across the healthcare spectrum are all competing for the expertise needed to mitigate cyber threats and develop strategies to protect data within entwined environments.

Clearwater knows security, and we are continuously optimizing our 24/7 managed security services to improve outcomes and provide a path to helping you become more secure, compliant, and resilient.

Physician Practice Management/Ambulatory Care

Multiple locations supporting various healthcare services can achieve centralized support with threat detection and response and 24/7 security operations. Clearwater helps to protect the investments and growth strategies for extended clinical care and wellness services.

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Digital Health

Healthcare digital innovators can protect data and operations as they grow their value. Clearwater experts thoroughly investigate all events, providing clear insight into your threats and paths for reconciliation that are risk-based, not overkill.

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Medical Device/MedTech

Protect the supporting environments and systems that interact and connect to medical devices and diagnostic systems, including healthcare MDR. Clearwater managed security services identify behavioral anomalies and detect threats early, minimizing operational technology systems risk.

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