OCR-Quality® Risk Response

A clear path from risk analysis to risk reduction

Not all risks require action, but every risk requires a response.

It isn’t enough to complete risk analysis.

Your organization needs a strategy for responding to risks and vulnerabilities, tracking the remediation, and demonstrating risk reduction over time. This is when your risk management strategy delivers real value, positioning you to protect your organization, mature your organization’s security posture, and drive meaningful risk conversations with your board and executives.

No one drives risk response better than Clearwater.

Healthcare’s largest pure-play cybersecurity and compliance firm, we’ve been working with organizations across the healthcare ecosystem for nearly two decades to help them establish a risk threshold, identify and prioritize their cyber risks, and determine the appropriate response to each.

Powered by our proprietary IRM|Analysis software-as-a-service, dashboards, peer-to-peer benchmarking, and easy reporting give you a comprehensive view of your organization’s risk profile so you’re ready to respond to healthcare’s constantly changing threat landscape.

With Clearwater's Risk Response Approach, You'll Get:

An Action Plan

More than just recommendations, Clearwater experts will outline the steps your organization needs to take to effectively and efficiently respond to the risks identified in your risk analysis.

Expert Guidance & Support

Our healthcare cybersecurity experts can help you drive progress and resolution to the items in your action plan. For risks requiring remediation, we’ll help you articulate options to risk owners, including estimated time, cost, LOE, and feasibility.

A Repeatable & Programmatic Approach

Managing cyber risk is an ongoing activity; we’ll give you a framework you can follow cycle after cycle, building upon the progress you’ve already made and further reducing risk over time.

Acces to Our Proprietary IRM|Analysis® Software

Document, assign, track, and manage implementation of risk remediation and security controls and reconcile risk. Easy reporting and dashboards give you a comprehensive picture of your risk posture and help you demonstrate risk reduction.

Featured Experts

Our experts perform a comprehensive and efficient analysis to help you identify where your most critical risks lie and build a plan for addressing them.

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Nykeeia Heath, CRISC, CCSFP, Sec+

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SME Highlight

Jonathan Kaeuper, MA, PMP, CISSP, CRISC, CDPSE, GHSC

Jonathan Kaeuper is a Principal Consultant at Clearwater, bringing Clearwater customers over 25 years of information technology, technology security, and […]

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Why Clearwater?

The Clearwater team evaluates threats and vulnerabilities across applications, system components, cloud technologies, third parties, medical devices, locations, and even people, arming you with the security insights you need to determine the best path forward.

Get the clearest view possible of where your risks lie so you can tackle them head-on and stay in control of your business.


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Clearwater helps hospitals and health systems approach their cyber risk management programs with purpose and confidence through our ClearConfidence managed services program. ClearConfidence provides you with a dedicated team of cyber risk management experts you can trust to help you identify, prioritize, and manage cyber risk across your enterprise on a continuing basis.

We lay the foundation for best practices and help you maintain them while ensuring the right investments for minimizing cyber security risk.

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