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Helping You More Effectively React, Contain, Investigate, and Remediate Cybersecurity Incidents

Active incident response and support at the most crucial time

As ransomware incidents proliferate across the healthcare industry, the Joint Commission issued cybersecurity guidelines calling for hospitals to prepare for cyberattacks that could take down critical systems for a month or longer.

Effective incident response is vital to minimizing downtime in the event of an attack and for protecting patients from harm that can come from delayed services and impacted procedures.

Your always-on partner, we’ll help you restore operations, minimize damage, and meet your regulatory obligations head-on

Highly skilled and experienced, Clearwater’s team of incident response specialists and security analysts provide a rapid and coordinated approach to react, contain, investigate, and respond to active cyber incidents. Forensic experts from our partner 1stResponder work with Clearwater’s team to determine breach exposure, provide digital forensics identifying root causes, and restore normal operations efficiently.

Clearwater’s compliance experts help ensure clients meet regulatory reporting requirements and prepare for an Office for Civil Rights investigation, which is expected for any breach of 500 or more patient records. Additionally, Clearwater provides clients’ board of directors with a direct opinion of the root cause of the incident and recommended corrective and preventative actions to avoid future occurrences.

Building an incident response plan?

Our services:

Incident Containment

Timing is everything. We’ll help you react and contain your cyber incident quickly, identify the root cause, and prevent further damage. 

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Managed Security Services & Incident Response

Cost-effective, reliable security risk management services protect your organization 24×7 while helping you meet insurance, customer, and compliance requirements, like PCI, HITRUST, and SOC 2. Learn More 

Incident Response Playbook Development

We’ll help you ensure you have a playbook with the right people, processes, and policies to execute effective incident response when needed. We’ll bring you our real-world experience helping clients respond to cyber incidents and breaches so nothing gets forgotten or left out of your plan.

Incident Response Program Assessment

We’ll asses your current incident response program against scenarios we’ve seen play out and the regulatory requirements that you’ll be held accountable to so you know where your gaps are and how to fill them. 

Active Incident Response & Remediation

From digital forensics and evidence preservation to appropriate reporting and regulatory compliance, together with our partner, 1stResponder, we’ll provide a coordinated approach to identify the root cause, mitigate further risks, and restore normal operations. Learn more. 

OCR Reponse Support

We can help lessen OCR’s bite by strengthening your breach response capability, preparing your organization for a potential OCR investigation, coordinating and supporting your response and communication with OCR, and scheduling and documenting your cyber risk management actions.

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HIPAA Privacy & Breach Notification Assurance

We’ll help you follow the letter of the law so you can feel confident in your response now and in the future.

Cyber Incident Tabletop Exercise

Validate your incident response plan and give your team the benefit of practicing how they’ll respond under chaos and duress. We’ll help you test your plan so you can be confident that it will be effective when you need it.

Featured Experts

Our experts have served in leadership roles in healthcare organizations and know what it takes to help you to advance your program.

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Why Clearwater?

Clearwater keeps your mission at the center of our work.

We begin each strategic planning engagement by identifying your most critical business needs, keeping the focus on them throughout our assessment, action plan, and documentation.

We ensure your cybersecurity and compliance initiatives remain in line with your mission and are executed sustainably.

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From incident response to a comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance program—let’s tackle proactive cybersecurity together.

Led and executed by expert healthcare privacy and security professionals, our ClearAdvantage managed services program leverages our award-winning SaaS-based software platform IRM|Pro® and the benefits of an integrated and efficiently executed, best-in-class cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance program at 25% – 50% of the cost of traditional approaches.

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