Healthcare’s Incident Response Playbook

How Confident Are You in Your Incident Response Plan?

If you’ve ever suffered a breach, you know what it’s like to work furiously to stop the cyber bleeding, find where your defenses need reinforcing, and enhance your organization’s threat detection quickly to prevent something similar from happening again. If your cyber incident resulted from a cyberattack or ransomware, the likelihood that the attackers will return for more is high—the FBI has issued warnings about cyber attackers targeting the same victim in close date proximity.

If you’ve evaded cyber attackers to this point, congratulations—that’s hard to do. Still, at some point, it’s likely a bad actor will get motivated enough to find a way through your controls and safeguards. If this happens, your incident response and resiliency planning can pay off big in helping you shut down the attack quickly and minimize the disruption and damage to your organization.

We created this guide to help you through the most important pieces of incident response planning, active incident response, and the successful recovery of your data and return to normal business operations.