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Navigating HIPAA Can Feel Like a Storm—We’ll Guide You to Clearwater

Our team of former regulators, lawyers, and privacy program leaders will help you identify how effective your HIPAA compliance programs are, where you have gaps, and how to bridge them so they’ll hold up to the rigors of changing regulatory requirements.

Leadership and clarity for healthcare HIPAA compliance

Protecting data privacy is a must. But when juggling limited resources and trying to keep up with constantly changing regulations and contractual obligations, it’s hard to know where your compliance gaps lie—let alone take the steps needed to address them.

Clearwater provides expert consulting services to assess compliance, identify gaps, and build an effective HIPAA compliance program.

Using lessons learned from previous OCR audits, investigations, and enforcement actions, our team of subject matter experts helps you minimize your compliance, financial, and reputational risk.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting:

HIPAA Risk Analysis

Completing an enterprise-wide, information system-based, OCR-Quality risk analysis correctly requires the right tools, expertise, and resources. Our complete OCR-Quality® Risk Analysis Solution is trusted by hundreds of healthcare organizations to help evaluate threats and vulnerabilities to all information systems used to receive, create, transmit, or store ePHI, while also complying with strict guidance from OCR

HIPAA Security Assessment

Powered by our industry-leading IRM|Security® software solution, our hands-on assessment workshop assesses compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule following the OCR audit protocols so you can feel confident in your approach—now and in the future.

HIPAA Privacy & Breach Assessment

Powered by our industry-leading IRM|Privacy® software solution, our hands-on training assessment workshop assesses compliance with the HIPAA Privacy & Breach Notification Rules and helps you follow the letter of the law and OCR audit protocols so you can feel confident in your approach now and in the future.

Policies & Procedures

A complete set of HIPAA Policy and Procedure templates developed by experts to satisfy the strict requirements of the regulations that we then customize for your organization so they are aligned with your operations and needs.

HIPAA 10-Point Assessment

Find out where you stand and get a clear action plan with our rapid 10-Point Tactical assessment of your current HIPAA compliance and cyber risk management program. The report includes actionable recommendations to address any identified gaps.

Technical Testing

Security experts combine cutting-edge tools, comprehensive manual testing, and unparalleled real-world technology experience to improve your overall security posture through our vulnerability and penetration testing services.

Workforce Training

Our proven, affordable, web-based program effectively addresses HIPAA mandates for your workforce’s security awareness and privacy training.

OCR Enforcement Support

We can help lessen OCR’s bite by strengthening your breach response capability, preparing your organization for a potential OCR investigation, coordinating and supporting your response and communication with OCR, and scheduling and documenting your cyber risk management actions.

Risk Management

Powered by our industry-leading IRM|Analysis®, and our expert cybersecurity and compliance advisors, Clearwater works with your team to create a reasonable and appropriate risk management plan that responds to high risks and meets the HIPAA Security Rule requirement.

Featured Experts

Our HIPAA experts have years of experience working in healthcare organizations across the industry, bringing unique expertise to your organization.

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Andy Petrovich, MHSA, MPH, CHPS

Andy Petrovich is a Principal Consultant at Clearwater, bringing Clearwater customers over ten years of experience in healthcare operations and […]

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SME Highlight

Nykeeia Heath, CRISC, CCSFP, Sec+

Nykeeia Heath is a Principal Consultant at Clearwater, bringing Clearwater customers over 16 years of experience in Information Technology and […]

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Why Clearwater?

No one knows HIPAA compliance like Clearwater. Our HIPAA experts come from different disciplines and are some of the best in the field.

We understand the highly complex regulatory landscape and have the skills and expertise to navigate your team through it to ensure long-term compliance.


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Our ClearAdvantage managed services program transforms the burden of cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance from a liability into a competitive advantage.

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