Assess your organization’s cybersecurity program performance and demonstrate improvement and maturity over time.

Powerful Tools Tell a Powerful Story.

Healthcare leaders are tired of checking boxes, and their boards are asking questions like, “How do we know our cybersecurity and compliance strategies are performing?” and  “Are we doing the right things?” A key driver of our NIST CSF Maturity Assessment, IRM|Performance delivers business intelligence, dashboards, and executive reporting to help leaders answer these questions, articulate the path toward a more mature cybersecurity posture, and demonstrate progress over time.

You need more than an assessment—you need business intelligence.

Healthcare’s largest pure-play cybersecurity and compliance team delivers performance assessments that help healthcare leaders identify gaps in their performance against the frameworks that matter most to their organizations. IRM|Performance powers an efficient maturity assessment and delivers dashboards, reporting, and scores to help organizations track and articulate their progress over time, determine where to prioritize cybersecurity investments, and engage boards and executive leadership in meaningful and productive conversations about their cybersecurity posture and strategic roadmaps.

Assessment Guide

A wizard-style guide means you can choose—leverage the Clearwater team or use the software to conduct your own assessments.

Dashboards & Reporting

Audit-ready reporting and cyber intelligence dashboards are key to communicating with your board and leadership and responding to regulatory bodies quickly. 

Seamless User Experience

Leverage your existing risk register and access the outputs of your Clearwater engagements all in one place. 

Performance Score

Demonstrate your organization’s improvement over time with a performance score based on the framework(s) of your choosing. Use as a key performance metric to track changes, set goals, and report performance. 

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*Risk Analyses performed by, or in consultation with, Clearwater have been accepted by the Office for Civil Rights 100% of the time. 

Risk Analysis & Risk Response

With a 100% OCR success rate and two decades of expertise, we’ll bring you visibility to your greatest risks and vulnerabilities so you can respond appropriately and ongoing risk monitoring if needed.

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