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Why Patching Windows Is So Urgent in Healthcare Sector

HHS Issues Alert Calling Attention to Vulnerabilities to Fix

Clearwater Continues Advancing Purpose-Built Software to Help Healthcare Organizations Respond Effectively to Mounting Cyber Risk

New Risk Response Optimizer Joins Patented Component Expert System Among Innovations Offered in IRM|Analysis® ...

Employee Password Security for Healthcare Providers

Employee password security is a significant issue for healthcare providers. How can hospitals and other healthcare providers tackle password security concerns?

Securing Healthcare’s Digital Transformation: The Rise of Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Software

Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle shares insight in article published in a special healthcare-focused issue of CISO Magazine

Medical Devices Are Ubiquitous, Vital, And Often Unsecure

Medical Devices Are Ubiquitous, Vital, And Often Unsecure

Clearwater Debuts Best-in-Class Business Associates Cyber Risk Management and HIPAA Compliance Program

The Clear Advantage Program for Business Associates Provides Customers with Expert Guidance and Purpose-Built ...

2 Health Data Breaches Affect Total of 220,000

Ransomware, Phishing Attacks Expose a Wealth of Data

Careless Users Pose Risk to Healthcare Endpoints, Data, Access

A report from Clearwater sheds light on the continued risk careless users pose to healthcare data security, including exposed endpoints, susceptibility to phishing, and improper access.

Health Data Breach Tally Update: Top Causes

Hacker attacks, IT mishaps and vendor errors are among the top causes of the largest health data breaches added to the official federal tally so far this year.

Clinics Serving Uninsured Hit by Ransomware

A ransomware attack on the operator of non-profit clinics that serve the uninsured in St. Louis led to the breach of information on 152,000 patients, clinicians and employees.

Phishing Schemes Continue to Plague the Healthcare Sector

Recent health data breaches involving phishing schemes are reminders of the persistent threat email-related scams pose to healthcare organizations - and the urgent need to mitigate that threat.

Complying With New York’s SHIELD Act

What should healthcare organizations know about complying with the breach notification and data security requirements of New York's SHIELD Act? And how does the new law compare with HIPAA? Jon Moore, chief risk officer at consulting firm Clearwater, explains.


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