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Healthcare’s Digitization: Coming to Terms with Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk

Providers are, in many cases, getting the equivalent of a Russian nesting doll of third-party risks whenever they acquire a complex new technology solution.

Cybercriminals Step Up Attacks on Health Care Payment Processors

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in September warned that it has received multiple reports of cybercriminals increasingly targeting health care payment processors to redirect payments to themselves.

Improving Recovery From Healthcare Ransomware Incidents

Steve Cagle, CEO of Clearwater, Discusses Healthcare Sector's Top Cyber Challenges

Chief Healthcare Executive’s most popular data and technology stories of 2022

Cyberattacks surged last year, and 2022 could be worse

Why health systems are big targets for ransomware

Ransomware attacks are big business for cyberthieves, and they’re looking to make a bundle off hospitals.

Subcontractor Breach Affects 245K Medicare Beneficiaries

Nearly a quarter million Medicare beneficiaries require new identifiers and ID cards following a ransomware attack on a government contractor that compromised a range of sensitive personal and health information.

Clearwater Helps SmileSnap Build and Execute a Strong Cybersecurity and Compliance Program

Developer of Software Catered to Dental Providers Signs on to Clearwater's ClearAdvantage® Program to Access ...

Digital Transformation: From Theory to Application

It seems as though everyone is talking about digital transformation as of late. Talking about the different ways and areas that it can be helpful in the world of healthcare.

The White House prepares for an end to the Covid-19 PHE

PREPPING FOR THE END — Even as Covid-19 cases are rising across the country, preparations for the end of the public health emergency are in full swing within the administration, Ashish Jha, the White House Covid response coordinator, said during a Health Affairs event Tuesday.

Surprise: Telehealth Startups Playing Fast And Loose With Sensitive User Medical Data

From the Internet of very broken things to telecom networks, the state of U.S. privacy and user security is arguably pathetic.

‘Out of control’: Dozens of telehealth startups sent sensitive health information to big tech companies

Open the website of Workit Health, and the path to treatment starts with a simple intake form: Are you in danger of harming yourself or others?

CommonSpirit: Patients’ Data Breached in Ransomware Attack

Patients of at least seven hospitals in Washington state affiliated with CommonSpirit have been affected by a data breach involving the hospital chain's October ransomware incident.


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