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Breach Reports Show Diversity of Healthcare Cyber Targets

Recent Major Hacking Incidents Affected a Wide Range of Entities

Tennessee Pediatric Hospital Responding to Cyber Incident

Other Healthcare Entities Reporting Breaches Tied to Their Own Recent Attacks

Censinet and KLAS Announce More Than 200 Digital Healthcare Products Achieve Cybersecurity Transparent Status

Milestone Exceeded in the Reporting of Cybersecurity Preparedness of Healthcare Products Assessed on Censinet RiskOps™ and Reported on the KLAS Research Website

Clearwater Introduces New 405(d) HICP Assessment and Related Software Tool to Help Healthcare Organizations Demonstrate Federally Recognized Cybersecurity Practices Are in Place

Healthcare’s Cyber Risk Management Leader Expands Solution Set to Include Consulting Services and a New IRM|Pro® Module Developed to Efficiently Assess Performance Against 405(d) Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices

Former OCR Director on access rights, HIPAA enforcement: ‘It’s not about gotcha’

As Severino put it during a Clearwater discussion on Feb. 17, his OCR team “broke a ton of records” on the HIPAA side and is “very proud of the balanced, yet firm, work in enforcing people’s privacy rights.”

2 Vendor Hacking Incidents Affect Over 600,000 Individuals

Breaches Include 2021 Ransomware Attack, 2020 Wire Transfer Fraud Incident

The 405(d) Post

The 405(d) Chronicles is a platform for sharing firsthand insight, lessons learned, and perspectives from cybersecurity professionals in the field today.

Cyber-risk management moves up a gear in PE

As cyber-risks facing private equity firms in the healthcare sector continue to escalate, managers need to take a more holistic approach, says Jon Moore, chief risk officer and head of consulting services at Clearwater

Clearwater Rated Healthcare’s Top Security Advisor and Compliance and Risk Management Solution

Ranking in Black Book’s Survey of Nearly 3,000 Security and IT Professionals Affirms Breadth and Strength of Company’s Expertise and Capabilities

Tech Vendor Email Breach Affects Dozens of Health Entities

Incident Is Latest Reminder of Business Associate Security Risks

Entities Dealing With Email Breach, IT Systems/Phone Outage

Latest Incidents Foreshadow Challenges Heading Into New Year

Report Dissects Conti Ransomware Attack on Ireland’s HSE

Outlines Key Shortcomings That Country's National Health System Must Address


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