Encompass Health Automates Its HIPAA Compliant Risk Assessment & Strengthens Security Risk Management

Encompass Health


Project Overview

Encompass Health Automates HIPAA Compliant Risk Analysis To Strengthen Security Risk Management Program


Encompass Health sought to establish an accurate, comprehensive, OCR-Quality® risk analysis process to serve as the foundation for the organization’s enterprise-wide security risk management program.


  • Clearwater HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity BootCamp™ (education)
  • IRM|Analysis® (software designed for HIPAA compliant risk analysis, based on the NIST framework)
  • Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis WorkShop™ (professional services)


  • Comprehensive, OCR-Quality risk analysis completed
  • Risk analysis aligns with the NIST framework
  • Risk analysis is granular, down to individual media and medical devices where ePHI resides
  • IRM|Analysis software supports ongoing risk analysis and risk management, consistent with a constantly evolving asset, threat, and vulnerability environment
  • Increased confidence in accuracy, detail, timeliness, and scope of risk analysis
  • Anticipated savings in resources needed to generate Board-required risk assessment

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Products & Services Employed

You’re required to perform a risk analysis-make sure you’re doing it right. Clearwater’s risk analysis software follows the strict guidelines provided by HHS/OCR to ensure your risk analysis is “by-the-book.”

Be confident that your risk analysis is “by-the-book” with software that provides an approach and methodology to meet HIPAA and Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) requirements. Harnesses the power of NIST risk assessment processes.

Our HIPAA Risk Analysis WorkShop™ combines our proven methodology and process with a robust proprietary software solution and hands on training from a team of seasoned experts.

About Clearwater

Today, with over 400 customers utilizing our consulting services, managed services, and IRM|Pro® software, Clearwater has become the gold standard in healthcare cybersecurity, risk management and HIPAA compliance solutions. We are honored to be frequently referred and recommended by major healthcare law firms, private equity professionals, and other well-respected consulting organizations. As the trusted solution provider of over 60 health systems, numerous large scale physician practice management groups, and dozens of rapidly growing digital health companies, we bring unmatched experience to every partnership and engagement.

Clearwater has been named Best in KLAS for Cybersecurity Advisory Services by its customers and was recently rated as a top performer in a 2021 KLAS Research report reviewing market perceptions vs. client reality in the Security and Privacy Consulting Services market. In addition, Clearwater has been named the top Compliance and Risk Management solution provider in Black Book Market Research’s annual survey of the healthcare industry the past five years in a row, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 as well as the top rated Security Advisors in 2022.

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