Clearwater’s Jon Moore Authors AI Governance Toolbook for Hospital and Health System Boards and Leadership Teams in Collaboration with The Governance Institute

As healthcare adopts AI at an increasing speed, a leading institution focused on serving board members and senior-level executives engaged with a healthcare cybersecurity leader to provide guidance for effective governance and management of the risks and complexities associated with AI implementation.

Nashville, TN (May 02, 2024) — Clearwater, the largest pure-play provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions for the healthcare industry, is proud to share that Chief Risk Officer and Head of Consulting Services and Client Success, Jon Moore, has authored a new resource, AI Governance and Strategy Alignment: Empowering Effective Decision Making, published by The Governance Institute (TGI).

TGI, a division of NRC Health and leader in educating hospital and health system boards and leadership teams on key subjects impacting the healthcare industry, asked Clearwater to develop the resource to help its members advance efforts to address AI governance in their organizations.

AI has emerged as a revolutionary force in healthcare, offering unprecedented opportunities to improve patient experience and outcomes, enhance operational efficiency, and drive innovation. However, alongside these opportunities come significant challenges, particularly in ensuring responsible and ethical AI deployment and significant risks in adoption, compliance, privacy, and security. As healthcare organizations embrace AI technologies, robust governance frameworks become paramount to effectively navigate the complexities and risks associated with AI implementation.

The new Toolbook aims to provide healthcare leaders with actionable insights and guidance to oversee the development of an integrated AI strategy aligned with their organization’s business strategy. It includes discussion items, case studies, and practical tools to facilitate understanding and application.

The AI Governance and Strategy Alignment Toolbook is the second in-depth resource that Clearwater has developed for TGI. It follows the 2021 publication of an Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Toolbook authored by Bob Chaput as an adaptation of his book Stop the Cyber Bleeding. Clearwater has also presented multiple webinars on cybersecurity for TGI members.

“TGI is an incredible resource for hospital and health system boards of directors, executives, and physician leadership; we’re honored to collaborate with them on resources to help the industry secure its organizations, protect patients, and drive resiliency,” said Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle. “Jon Moore is a remarkable thought leader in the healthcare industry. His extensive background has enabled him to offer sound advice to healthcare leaders on implementing best practices that can protect their organizations from the ever-changing threat landscape. Jon has created a valuable resource for organizational leaders who are navigating the complexities of AI.”

Governance Institute members can access the Toolbook on TGI’s website here.

If you are not a TGI member and would like to learn more about the Toolbook or if you have questions about how to develop an AI governance structure in your organization, please reach out to us here.

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