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During each one hour-long session, an industry expert will draw on their previous experience to cover several key topics & trending news related to healthcare cybersecurity.


The Monthly Cyber Briefing is a digest of trending news and announcements related to healthcare’s cybersecurity landscape, and it provides expert insight that is designed to help healthcare information security professionals stay on top of what matters most.

Topics include…

  • Trending cybersecurity threats within the healthcare industry and combative best practices
  • Coverage of recent incidents and key takeaways in terms of lessons learned
  • Updates on new regulations and standards and what they change/impact
  • Deep dives on specific cybersecurity challenges facing healthcare organizations

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June Topic & Speakers

A Deeper Look at The Healthcare Threat Landscape

Steve Cagle

Steve Cagle

Chief Executive Officer


Steve Akers

CTO Managed Security Services, CISO Clearwater


David Bailey

Vice President, Consulting Services

Session Schedule

1/11 January

A Look at HHS’s Healthcare Cybersecurity Strategy with Iliana Peters and Greg Garcia 

In early December, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a concept paper outlining the Department’s cybersecurity strategy for the healthcare sector. The paper details four pillars for action, including publishing new voluntary healthcare-specific cybersecurity performance goals (CPGs), working with Congress to develop support and incentives for domestic hospitals to improve cybersecurity, and increasing accountability and coordination within the healthcare sector.

More information on HHS’ cybersecurity plan is expected to come early in the new year. At the same time, governmental action to improve cybersecurity in healthcare is happening at the state level as well, as New York recently announced plans to provide grant funding hospitals and implement new regulations.

The cybersecurity practices of healthcare organizations are under the microscope like never before, and to help you get a handle on what further steps we might see from federal and state agencies in 2024, we have two leading experts joining our first Monthly Cyber Briefing of the new year.

As Executive Director of the Health Sector Coordinating Council (HSCC) Cybersecurity Working Group (CWG), Greg Garcia leads the group whose mission is to collaborate with HHS and other federal agencies to identify and mitigate systemic risks that affect patient safety, security, and privacy, and consequently, national confidence in the healthcare system. Greg has unique on HHS’ cybersecurity plans through his work with the HSCC CWG.

For many years, Iliana Peters both developed information privacy and security policy, including on emerging technologies and cyber threats, for HHS, while coordinating with the Department of Justice, Department of Education, other federal agencies, State Attorneys General and the White House. Now, as a Washington, DC-based Shareholder with the law firm Polsinelli, Iliana works closely with healthcare clients on complicated compliance questions, incident response, investigations, and training to protect data and avoid legal risk and legal liability, both at the state and federal levels.

Greg and Iliana will join with Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle for what promises to be a very insightful discussion. This is one Cyber Briefing you do not want to miss.

2/1 February

Evolving guidance for medical device cyber-risk and the strategic management approaches for tackling legacy devices

Legacy medical devices are a today problem, not a tomorrow problem. Join Clearwater’s Director of Consulting Services, Jon Benedict, for a conversation about why most medical devices are currently considered “legacy” and the strategies cybersecurity leaders can take to mimize the risks associated with these devices. Jon will also cover the medical device cybersecurity maturity model and share some thoughts on its practical application in healthcare organizations. 

Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle will also share a threat landscape and regulatory update. There’s also to cover as cyberattackers continue evolving their tactics and HHS released it voluntary cybersecurity performance goals just last week. Don’t miss it! 

3/7 March

Latest Developments in the Healthcare Threat Landscape

During the March edition of Clearwater’s Monthly Cyber Briefing, Corporate CISO and CTO for Managed Security Services Steve Akers and Dave Bailey, VP of Consulting Services, will dive deep into current trends in the healthcare threat landscape. They will cover the latest on the ScreenConnect vulnerability that is tied to the Change Healthcare cyberattack and review nation-state threat actors that are targeting U.S. critical infrastructure. In addition, Steve and Dave will discuss the continuing evolution of ransomware-as-a-service and what healthcare organizations need to know about how it’s being used against them.

Their discussion follows Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle’s round-up of other recent developments impacting the industry, including the news that random HIPAA audits are on the horizon.

4/4 April

Top Vendor Risk Management Challenges Facing Healthcare Leaders

The Change Healthcare cyberattack is yet another example of healthcare organizations’ vulnerability to operational disruptions due to security breaches in their third-party vendors and the extended supply chain. Vendors remain one of the most difficult components of risk to manage and also one of the most likely to contribute to a breach.

During our April Cyber Briefing, we will cover the latest developments related to the Change Healthcare attack as well as new threats and concerns that healthcare leaders should have on their radar. Our team will then focus in on the subject of vendor risk management and discuss the top challenges facing healthcare organizations, share insights on trends we’re seeing across the industry, and provide guidance on key actions to take to reduce your third-party risk.

5/2 May

In the wake of the Change Healthcare attack, many healthcare organizations are asking hard questions about the impact a cyberattack can have on their operations and whether their Business Continuity Plan is sufficiently honed to minimize disruption if an incident shuts down access to key systems and data.

Our May Cyber Briefing will feature insights from two members of Clearwater’s Consulting team who are experts in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning:

  • Angie Santiago—A certified Business Continuity Professional and former health system CISO, Angie has extensive emergency preparedness experience as an organizational resilience leader for provider communities, community care centers, healthcare systems, academic medical centers, and DHHS.
  • Tom Joyce —Certified in Disaster Recovery Planning, including Business Impact Analysis planning and execution, and a former regional health system CISO, Tom also has deep experience leading emergency preparedness within healthcare organizations.

Following Steve Cagle’s review of the latest developments that healthcare leaders should have on their radar, Angie and Tom will discuss how, by applying interdisciplinary frameworks centered around risk and resilience, organizations can improve their ability to respond and recover from threats, shocks, or crises—whatever form they may take.

6/6 June

A Deeper Look at the Healthcare Threat Landscape 

During the June edition of Clearwater’s Monthly Cyber Briefing, Corporate CISO and CTO for Managed Security Services Steve Akers and Dave Bailey, VP of Consulting Services, will review current trends in the healthcare threat landscape and share guidance on key issues that healthcare organizations should be addressing in the wake of continuing cyberattacks.  

Their discussion follows Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle’s round-up of the latest cybersecurity and regulatory developments impacting the industry. 

7/11 July

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8/1 August

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9/5 September

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10/3 October

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11/7 November

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12/5 December

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