7 Things You Need to Know About Doing a HIPAA Risk Analysis in the Cloud


If you’re doing business in the cloud and that business includes the creating, storing, or transmitting of ePHI, this webinar is for you. Cloud security expert, Ryan Semerau, is diving into the danger of doing a risk analysis in the cloud improperly, or not even doing on at all, why organizations often forgo risk analysis, what it means to do risk-based security, and why that approach is important to meeting HIPAA requirements.

Join us for a conversation all digital health organizations should listen in on, including:

  • What does HIPAA require of my digital health business in the cloud?
  • A risk-based approach to security & why it matters
  • Determining your risk appetite and what to do with it
  • What’s different about operating in the cloud
  • How you do risk analysis in the cloud

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