Business Impact Analysis in Action at USAP

This presentation is a recording of a web event given on 8/25/2021 by Clearwater’s Vice President of Consulting Services, Cathie Brown and CIO, U. S. Anesthesia Partners, Mike Spies.


As the leading single-specialty practice in the country, U.S. Anesthesia Partners (USAP) relies heavily on its strong IT infrastructure to enable the delivery of high-quality care. Understanding the systems and applications that support critical processes is a key component of the organization’s approach to ensuring continuity in the event of a disruption.

To develop that understanding, USAP conducted a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) facilitated by Clearwater. A BIA is a systematic process to evaluate the potential effects of an interruption to business operations because of a disaster, accident or emergency. The BIA can be used to determine the parts of a healthcare organization that are most essential and identify the vital systems and applications that support those areas.

During this program, USAP CIO Mike Spies will join Clearwater Vice President of Consulting Services Cathie Brown for a discussion of how the organization approached its analysis initiative and the benefits that have accrued from it – from improved business continuity planning to a better understanding of its information security risks.

Watch the Replay

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