Clearwater’s March Cyber Briefing: Latest Developments in the Healthcare Threat Landscape

During the March edition of Clearwater’s Monthly Cyber Briefing, Corporate CISO and CTO for Managed Security Services Steve Akers and Dave Bailey, VP of Consulting Services, dive deep into current trends in the healthcare threat landscape. They will cover the latest on the ScreenConnect vulnerability that is tied to the Change Healthcare cyberattack and review nation-state threat actors that are targeting U.S. critical infrastructure. In addition, Steve and Dave discuss the continuing evolution of ransomware-as-a-service and what healthcare organizations need to know about how it’s being used against them.

Their discussion follows Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle’s round-up of other recent developments impacting the industry, including the news that random HIPAA audits are on the horizon.

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March Cyber Briefing

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