Cybersecurity Fundamentals: Keys to Effective Risk Response

This presentation is a recording of a web event given on 3/17/2022 by Clearwater Principal Consultant, Mark Sexton


To protect your organization from accelerating cyberattacks and ensure compliance with HIPAA requirements, you must take action to manage security risks identified through risk analysis in the appropriate manner.

Unfortunately, whether it be due to lack of resources or tools or knowledge in some cases, too many healthcare organizations are not actively managing identified risks. This webinar is designed to help you understand risk response fundamentals so that your organization can establish a process and workflow to reduce vulnerabilities and achieve better outcomes in managing cybersecurity risks.

Clearwater Principal Consultant Mark Sexton provides attendees with a step-by-step approach to responding to risks. Mr. Sexton also addresses the following key topics:

  • The four essential options for effective risk response​
  • How to evaluate alternatives to reduce risk in terms of effectiveness and feasibility​
  • How to make sure risk responses get implemented through tracking new or improved controls

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