Getting Technical: Point of View from the Penetration Testers

This presentation is a recording of a webinar given on 3/25/2021 by Clearwater’s Senior Principal Consultant, Technical Testing Services, Jason Yorty and Technical Testing Consultant, Jason Dowhan.


Healthcare suffers from a unique endpoint challenge: a host of vendors, legacy systems, and an ever-increasing list of connected devices. Once a healthcare organization has created a strong asset inventory and performed a risk analysis, how can cybersecurity leaders be certain their defenses are secure? Many turn to outside experts to test their defenses with penetration testing.

Clearwater’s Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing team is actively reviewing the threat landscape impacting healthcare organizations, and in an upcoming webinar, they will share insight on the key issues and trends that cybersecurity leaders need to be cognizant of in protecting their environment. Webinar attendees will learn about:

  • Emerging threats
  • Common vulnerabilities
  • Steps you can take to bolster your defenses

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