HIPAA Compliance in Azure: The Basics (And Why You Should Care)

This presentation is a recording of a web event given on 10/20/2022 by Clearwater’s SVP of Consulting Services, Jon Moore.


If you’re a hospital or health system leveraging cloud services, it’s likely you’re either using Microsoft Azure or considering it. In fact, nearly two million companies are using Azure to scale their cloud operations, and in healthcare, Azure is key to powering the flow of patient information across many points of care.

But how do you ensure PHI is protected in Azure’s cloud environment, and how does it differ from on-premises data centers, hardware, and endpoints? Join us for a conversation about the basics of complying with HIPAA in Microsoft Azure and why it’s important to your organization’s daily operations.

Clearwater’s Director of Cloud Security Services will cover:

  • Architecting for compliance
  • The shared responsibility between you and Azure
  • Access Control
  • Encryption of ePHI in transit and at rest
  • Securing and retaining backups
  • Monitoring for compliance

Watch the Replay

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