How HIPAA Compliance Can Fuel or Throttle Your Growth

This presentation is a recording of a web event given on 11/17/2022 by Clearwater’s Director-Technology & Cybersecurity, Private Equity Markets, Matt Hollcraft.


You built your digital health solution to drive innovation, get to market faster, reduce costs, and fuel rapid growth. But digital health means complying with HIPAA, which can either slow your progress or give you an edge in the market. Let’s look at:

  • How investing in your cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance strategy early can position you to create more value for customers, investors, and their boards
  • How to ensure your PE-backed business is HIPAA compliant
  • How to leverage your HIPAA compliance to attract new customers, build your pipeline, close more deals, and meet your growth milestones
  • What investors should know about funding health IT companies

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