IRM|405(d) HICP™ Overview: Assess and demonstrate your cybersecurity program’s alignment to 405(d) HICP guidelines

This presentation is a recording of a web event given on 4/7/2022 by Clearwater’s Director, Consulting Services, Dawn Morgenstern and Chief Product Officer, Jon Stone.


Have a live look at the newest addition to Clearwater’s award-winning IRM|Pro ® software platform, IRM|405(d) HICP™.

We’ll show you how this new solution:

  • Provides relative assessments for small, medium or large health organizations, as categorized by the HICP Guide
  • Walks the assessor through the process in an easy-to-use interface via the built-in wizard guide
  • Stores assessment documentation such as documents and notes in a central, secure location
  • Dynamically updates an Executive Dashboard as gap remediation is achieved
  • Aids in preparing documentation in advance of an audit, investigation, or to support your defense in litigation
  • Consolidates findings or gaps with other security findings to be easily managed and tracked through remediation steps as part of Clearwater’s fully integrated IRM|OneView™ solution

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