New Cybersecurity Requirements for Medical Devices: Insights & Actions for Manufacturers

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly reliant on technology, medical device cybersecurity has become a critical concern not just for manufacturers, but also for providers and patients. New legislation addressing cybersecurity requirements for medical devices and recent guidance from the FDA highlight the importance of addressing cyber risks associated with devices that facilitate patient care.

The potential for increased regulatory scrutiny and enforcement actions highlights the need for medical device manufacturers and SaMD developers to prioritize cybersecurity and invest in measures to ensure the safety and security of their devices. During this webinar, experts from Clearwater’s MedTech team will review the new cybersecurity requirements facing manufacturers and SaMD developers and provide guidance on how they can reduce the risk of regulatory enforcement actions, protect patient safety, and enhance their reputation and success in the market by strengthening their current cybersecurity program.


Jacob Carroll, Vice President, Consulting Services

Timothy Homstad, Director, Security & Compliance

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