Overcoming Healthcare’s Vendor Risk Management Challenges: Risk Quantification

This presentation is a recording of a web event given on 5/13/2021 by Cyberwrite’s CEO Nir Perry and Clearwater’s Senior Principal Consultant Dawn Morgenstern


As third-party data breaches grow in frequency and severity, vendor risk management has become a principal challenge for many healthcare organizations. One of the most pressing issues that Information Security teams face in this area is the inability to adequately quantify and understand the economic impact that vendors pose.

Many healthcare organizations rely on vendor security assessments as their sole means of gauging risk. By relying on these assessments alone, your actual exposure is overlooked. Even if two vendors have the same security risk score, it does not mean that the impact of a breach on your organization would be similar to other organizations as your exposure to each vendor is unique.

Clearwater has partnered with software innovator Cyberwrite to help healthcare organizations better understand their vendor risk in quantifiable terms. Cyberwrite’s Vendor Risk Assessment platform goes beyond one-size-fits-all risk scoring solutions by estimating your organization’s financial exposure to a third-party breach.

During this webinar, Cyberwrite CEO Nir Perry will join Clearwater Senior Principal Consultant Dawn Morgenstern for a discussion of current vendor risk management practices in healthcare and a look at how the software leverages machine learning technology and big data to deliver a better understanding or risk.

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