Ransomware: Shifting the Paradigm From If to When

This presentation is a recording of a web event given on 6/24/2021 by Clearwater’s Vice President of Sales, Frank Black.


Last year, more than a dozen health systems were driven into EHR downtime by ransomware attacks. Through the first half of 2021, we have seen that disturbing trend continue.

It is unlikely to change soon, which means healthcare organizations need to shift their thinking about ransomware from if to when and take proactive steps to prepare for an attack.

During this webinar, Clearwater expert Frank Black reviews how to model an attack and the keys to preventing ransomware from occurring. He also discusses why prevention doesn’t always work and what organizations can do to manage their risk.

With many hacker demands reaching well into the seven figures and insurers indicating they may no longer cover ransomware, simply transferring the risk is not a viable strategy.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how to protect your organization from the grave threat that ransomware has become.

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