Redefining Cyber Risk Management in Today’s Health Systems

This presentation is a recording of a web event given on 4/13/2022 by Clearwater Vice President of Security Services, Dave Bailey


Cybersecurity requires a coordinated and collaborative effort among departments because security can no longer be siloed. These days, any department can access the data of every other department—it’s no longer possible to run a hospital without sharing information from IT, HR, and nurses with each other. This means that everyone needs to have the same level of rigor when evaluating third-party risk management as they do when evaluating their partners for anything else.

While cybersecurity best practices can be perceived as barriers to progress and innovation, the opposite is true. A hospital or health system with a strong cyber risk management strategy is better positioned to leverage new solutions safely, having planned for the standards they’ll hold vendors to and how to proceed with extra safeguards when vendors don’t meet those standards.

During this session, Davie Bailey, Clearwater Vice President of Consulting, will discuss how to change the conversation and redefine cyber risk management from a “necessary evil” to an enabler that improves a hospital or health system’s ability to deliver positive patient outcomes. Dave will share real-world examples of how strong privacy and security programs can positively impact patient care and what happens when those programs are weak or missing.

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