Responding to Privacy and Security Concerns Surrounding APIs and Consumer Health Apps

This presentation is a recording of a webinar given on 7/8/2020 by Clearwater’s Chief Risk Officer & SVP of Consulting Services, Jon Moore.


The use of standardized application programming interfaces (APIs) is a key component in the Department of Health and Human Service’s (HHS) recently issued final rules aimed at providing patients with the ability to securely access and share their health data contained in electronic medical records and related health IT systems using smartphones and other consumer devices. The movement toward greater interoperability has sparked debate over how to regulate and manage the privacy and security concerns that come into play as patient data flows through APIs to app providers that are typically not regulated by HIPAA. Jon Moore will review the key elements of the rules and how stakeholders are responding. He also will discuss the role of risk analysis in determining whether to provide data access to a third-party application.

Mr. Moore addresses key topics including:

  • What the new rules allow for with respect to patient data accessibility
  • The privacy and security concerns that surround the use of APIs to manage the flow of patient data
  • How HHS has responded to concerns that have been raised
  • How risk analysis can help you determine the right course of action in engaging with third-party applications

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