Telehealth Insecurities: Evaluating Emerging Threats & Risk Response

This presentation is a recording of a web event given on 5/20/2021 by Clearwater’s Senior Principal Consultant George Jackson.


HIMSS latest industry survey published in March revealed that 95% of healthcare providers use some form of telehealth technology. In many cases, usage has begun in the last 12 months as the pandemic has forced providers to adopt new technologies that enable them to connect with and care for patients via virtual platforms.

While in-person visits are likely to become more prevalent again as conditions improve, telehealth is now a permanent component of care delivery models, as Amazon’s recent movement into the space affirms. A key part of telehealth’s maturation will involve the identification and management of security risks that pose a threat to continued adoption by providers and patients.

Join us for a webinar dedicated to help you understand the latest developments and recommendations to evaluate and respond to the evolving threat landscape impacting telehealth.

Key issues to be discussed include:

  • Evaluation of telehealth environments
  • The STRIDE threat modeling approach for mobile health systems
  • Recommended guidelines and tools to use to monitor, assess and respond to cyber threats
  • Importance of assessing telehealth vendors/subcontractors

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