The Do’s and Don’ts of Communicating Digitally with Patients

This presentation is a recording of a webinar given on 3/11/2021 by Clearwater’s Senior Vice President & Chief Risk Officer, Jon Moore and Managing Principal Consultant, Wes Morris.


The decline in in-office interaction with patients accelerated by the pandemic has made the fundamental issue of communication an increasingly complex matter for physicians. From the deployment of online meeting software to the use of texting and social media, the rapid advancement of digital channels for delivering care and sharing medical information – coupled with new regulatory requirements – has created a set of compliance and cybersecurity risks that physician groups must address.

During this webinar, two senior members of Clearwater’s Consulting Services team will discuss the evolving landscape and review what physicians should and should not do with respect to communicating digitally with patients. Drawing on their in-depth knowledge of HIPAA and cybersecurity best practices, Jon Moore and Wes Morris will share insight on key issues such as:

  • Common mistakes that may lead to compliance or data security concerns
  • How to adhere to the Office for Civil Rights’ Right of Access Initiative in today’s environment
  • What new requirements for sharing data through Application Programming Interfaces mean for providers’ use technology

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