Top Cloud Risk Management Problems Facing Healthcare and How to Mitigate Them

In a 2022 report by Nutanix, surveyed IT professionals working in the healthcare industry overwhelmingly agreed that a hybrid multi-cloud architecture was ideal for their organizations. More than half of respondents said that they expected to be using a multi-cloud environment in one to three years. However, security remains a key issue when it comes to cloud adoption in healthcare, often due to risk management challenges on the adopter’s end. In fact, cloud security risk management took the fifth spot on ECRI’s list of “Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2023.” To protect against a consequential security event, healthcare providers need to evaluate how a cloud provider safeguards both the functionality of its system and the confidentiality and availability of patient data. In addition, organizations should implement appropriate internal security controls to reduce their risk. During this webinar, Clearwater experts Art Treichel and Carter Laramore review the top cloud management risks prevalent in healthcare and share recommendations on the most effective internal controls to implement. Viewers will learn:
  • Potential concerns to look for when managing data in the cloud
  • Steps you can take mitigate your organization’s risk

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