Healthcare Defenders: Augie D’Agostino | UW Medicine

In this episode of Clearwater’s Healthcare Defenders podcast series, Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle talks with Augie D’Agostino, CISO for UW Medicine in Seattle Washington.

Augie describes himself as an “unlikely” CISO, telling Steve he meant to go into education after over 20 years in IT and security, but cybersecurity kept “heating up” and drawing him back in. Steve and Augie cover major topics affecting healthcare cybersecurity right now, including AI and sophisticated social engineering tactics. Augie says, “somewhere in the world, people are punching into a job and their job is to attack us. And so you would imagine they have PI and projects and everything else like we do. So they’re getting faster. They’re getting more automated.”

Steve and Augie also talk about what it means to be “brilliant at the basics” and how this will surpass technology in protecting our hospitals and health systems every time. There’s something for everyone in this conversation so check it out and let us know if there’s a healthcare defender we should feature on the next episode.

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