Your State Privacy Law Pocket Guide

Enacted State Privacy Laws 

Are You Keeping Up? A Guide to State Privacy Laws in Healthcare

With data breaches hitting all-time highs, healthcare organizations are under immense pressure to protect patient data. State legislators, alarmed by the potential risk to patient records, are pushing for strict data privacy and security measures, similar to the landmark California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The trend is clear: more states are enacting laws that mirror CCPA’s protections or those of their neighbors, transforming data privacy practices especially within the healthcare sector. Organizations must keep pace with these shifting regulations to uphold patient data rights.

Keeping track of each state’s privacy laws is complex, as these dictate the handling, access, and safeguarding of personal data. To address this, our pocket guide, authored by privacy and compliance expert Catherin Bertrand, is updated regularly to mirror federal legislative updates, and provides privacy and compliance professionals with the critical information needed to achieve and maintain compliance with state laws that are applicable to them. 

This guide takes a closer look at these data privacy laws with a state-by-state breakdown of each enacted law, including what it is, who must be in compliance, and what’s covered.