Clearwater Compliance Announces Sponsorship of the Most Wired Survey

Clearwater To Help Recognize Top Hospitals and Health Systems Using Advanced Technology to Support Patient Care

February 14, 2017

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clearwater Compliance, a leading provider of hospital cybersecurity and compliance solutions, announced its sponsorship of the 19th annual Health Care Most Wired® benchmarking study and survey, a strategic tool that helps hospitals and health systems to continually increase their technology operational efficiency and high performance enhancements.  The Most Wired Survey looks at how hospitals and health systems are leveraging information technology to improve patient care and efficiency for value-based healthcare and implementing information technology (IT) strategies essential for future delivery systems. Through this benchmarking study and survey, hospital organizations, at no cost, can gain insights by benchmarking their IT priorities and capabilities against the industry to help exceed industry standards.

Cybersecurity and the protection of valuable health data were identified as top-priority topics by chief information officers in the 2016 Health Care’s Most Wired Survey results. Last year, 680 hospitals and health systems completed the survey, representing an estimated 2,146 hospitals – more than 34 percent of hospitals in the U.S. Hospitals and health systems. The number of hospitals and health systems designated as Most Wired totals 363 organizations.

Every organization that completes the 2017 Most Wired Survey receives comprehensive feedback on IT processes, an industry-wide benchmarking report, and a dashboard that includes a confidential assessment of the organization’s current IT strategies. The dashboard shows each organization’s progress toward the Most Wired or the Most Wired Advanced designation, highlighting areas of achievement as well as any deficiencies.

“Hospital leaders have long turned to the Most Wired Survey to get smarter about enterprise risk management,” said Bob Chaput, CEO of Clearwater Compliance. “Progressive hospitals and health systems are evolving from compliance-focus to cybersecurity-focus, and now patient safety-focus. Today the information needed to provide care resides in more places than ever before. Therefore, any threats to the confidentiality, integrity or availability of information represent threats to patient safety. The Most Wired Survey results will help to enhance hospitals’ risk management approach to better protect patients against new cybersecurity-related threats to patient safety.”

The American Hospital Association distributes, collects and analyzes the Most Wired data and develops benchmarks that are becoming the industry standard for measuring IT adoption for operational, financial and clinical performance in healthcare delivery systems.

The Most Wired Survey results include:

  • A list of Health Care’s Most Wired
  • The Innovator Awards
  • The Most Wired Advanced
  • The Most Wired Rural

The annual survey is updated each year to reflect the changes taking place in healthcare. Participating hospitals and health systems are assessed based on progress in adoption, implementation and use of IT in four critical areas:

  • Infrastructure (including Cybersecurity)
  • Business and Administrative Management
  • Clinical Quality and Safety (Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient)
  • Clinical Integration (Ambulatory, Physician, Community)

The annual survey link and the Innovator Award application are available at The deadline for submission is March 15, 2017.

The Most Wired Survey findings and report will be released at the Health Forum and the American Hospital Association’s Leadership Summit in July and published in Hospitals and Health Networks (H&HN) magazine.

About Clearwater Compliance

Clearwater Compliance, LLC is a leading provider of healthcare compliance and cyber risk management solutions. Its mission is to empower hospitals and health systems to successfully manage healthcare’s evolving cybersecurity risks and ensure patient safety. Exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association, Clearwater solutions have been deployed within hundreds of hospitals and health systems, Fortune 100 organizations and federal government institutions. More information about Clearwater Compliance is at


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