Clearwater Compliance Joins Intel Healthcare Security Readiness Program

Program Aims to Help Health & Life Sciences Organizations Measure Security Maturity and Defend Against Cyberattacks

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Clearwater Compliance, a leading provider of hospital cybersecurity and compliance solutions, announced an agreement to join the Intel Healthcare Security Readiness Program to help health & life sciences (HLS) organizations manage their growing cybersecurity risk. An open industry collaboration with multiple industry partners, this program helps healthcare organizations globally with the urgent challenges of breaches and ransomware that have reached alarming levels of frequency and impact, averaging $4 million USD per breach event according to the Ponemon Institute 2016 Cost of a Data Breach Study. Healthcare has the highest per capita cost, averaging $355 USD per patient record breached. Ransomware infections in healthcare in 2016 have resulted in healthcare organizations being severely disrupted to the point of needing to send patients elsewhere. No healthcare organization wants to be lagging the industry and relatively vulnerable to breaches and ransomware. However, it has been a challenge in the past for healthcare organizations to measure how they are doing with their security relative to the rest of the industry. With this readiness program, healthcare organizations can gain valuable insights by assessing their security maturity, priorities and capabilities against the global healthcare industry. A one-hour complimentary confidential engagement enables healthcare organizations to see how their security compares, identify opportunities for improvement, and identify where such improvements may also help with compliance. Healthcare organizations will not only be positioned to both exceed the healthcare industry in security readiness, but will also comply with standards and regulations including National Institute of Standards and Technology, HIPAA and The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Clearwater will work with healthcare CIOs and CISOs to evaluate priorities across eight key types of breaches and ransomware, and 42 key security capabilities, including administrative, physical and technical safeguards that can help mitigate the risk of security breaches and ransomware. Confidential readiness analysis results and insights will be shared with the healthcare organization. These results show security maturity, priorities and capabilities relative to the healthcare industry, and shine a light on areas where the healthcare organization may be lagging the industry and that require closer attention.

“Our goal in 2017 is to leverage Intel’s global data and distinctive program as a new engagement model to give hospital leaders powerful insights to help them protect what they value most – financial stability, brand reputation and patient safety,” said Bob Chaput, CEO and founder of Clearwater Compliance. “We are rolling out a bold plan to introduce the Intel program to the hundreds of hospitals and health systems around the country that have benefited from Clearwater’s solutions. Intel and Clearwater are in pursuit of a common mission centered on empowering hospital leaders to solve healthcare’s toughest cybersecurity challenges so they can stay focused on patient care. And with Intel, we are in an incredible position to seize new growth while bringing value to patient safety and healthcare organizations.”

The announcement marks the continued growth across Intel’s extensive partner ecosystem by selecting Clearwater Compliance to join Intel’s Security Readiness Program, a global pilot program. It also comes at an opportune time for Clearwater with the company experiencing record growth and its recent rollout and strong demand for its Cyber Risk Services™ (CRS™) solution. CRS is a new managed solution endorsed by the American Hospital Association that helps hospitals and health systems establish and mature their cybersecurity programs.

To get started today on receiving a confidential benchmark analysis, healthcare CIOs and CISOs should visit:

“Both Intel and Clearwater are aligned in the goals and strategies to help healthcare organizations analyze and improve their security, reduce risk of breaches and ransomware, build patient trust, and enable new technology adoption to improve the quality and reduce the cost of patient care,” said Jennifer Esposito, General Manager of Global Health and Life Sciences at Intel Corporation.

About Clearwater Compliance

Clearwater Compliance, LLC is a leading provider of healthcare compliance and cyber risk management solutions. Its mission is to empower hospitals and health systems to successfully manage healthcare’s evolving cybersecurity risks and ensure patient safety. Exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association, Clearwater solutions have been deployed within hundreds of hospitals and health systems, Fortune 100 organizations and federal government institutions. More information about Clearwater Compliance is at


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