Clearwater Continues Advancing Purpose-Built Software to Help Healthcare Organizations Respond Effectively to Mounting Cyber Risk

New Risk Response Optimizer Joins Patented
Component Expert System Among Innovations Offered in IRM|Analysis®

NASHVILLE, TN (Jan. 14, 2020)Clearwater today announced the addition of Risk Response Optimizer to the latest release of IRM|Analysis®, the Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Software (ECRMS) product specifically designed to help healthcare organizations identify, prioritize, and respond to risks on an enterprise scale, in accordance with the guidance and expectations of the Office for Civil Rights. The new feature is the latest innovation Clearwater has developed to enable hospitals and health systems and their business associates to identify and respond to risks and manage them more efficiently.

IRM|Analysis facilitates a consistent, information system-focused risk analysis, and as a result, provides information that is critical in driving effective risk management decision making. The software’s proprietary algorithms not only pinpoint an organization’s most highly-rated risks to its information systems, but through Risk Response Optimizer, will also characterize the most common control deficiencies contributing to those risks.

For resource-constrained hospitals and health systems that may be challenged to implement safeguards against cyberattacks that are growing in number and sophistication, Clearwater’s IRM|Analysis can improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of information security teams.

“As a SaaS-based product that allows healthcare organizations to effectively manage a constantly evolving risk landscape, IRM|Analysis drives informed security investment decisions, direct cost savings and value creation that is measurable and material,” said Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle. “From senior management to IT staff managing risk management tasks on a daily basis, the software streamlines and focuses resources and investments, enabling proactive and preventative cybersecurity programs with an attractive return on investment.”

The addition of Risk Response Optimizer follows the introduction of Component Expert System last year, another powerful feature embedded within IRM|Analysis that enables hospitals and health systems to complete the security risk analysis and risk management processes more efficiently across the enterprise by logically grouping similar information system components based on their properties and associated controls. The technology, for which Clearwater was awarded a patent in December, automatically identifies relevant risk scenarios, thereby facilitating a more efficient risk assessment and management process.

Clearwater’s consistent delivery of innovative solutions has enabled the company to earn the #1 rating for Risk Management and Compliance in Black Book Research’s survey of healthcare providers the past three years in a row.

About Clearwater

Clearwater is the leading provider of Enterprise Cyber Risk Management and HIPAA compliance software and consulting services for the healthcare industry. Our solutions enable organizations to gain enterprise-wide visibility into cybersecurity risks and more effectively prioritize and manage them, ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Clearwater’s suite of IRM|Pro® software products and consulting services help healthcare organizations to avoid preventable breaches, protect patients and their data, and meet OCR’s expectations, while optimizing cybersecurity investments. More than 400 healthcare organizations, including 64 of the nation’s largest health systems and a large universe of business associates that serve the industry, trust Clearwater to meet their information security needs. For more information about Clearwater, please visit


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