Clearwater Offers Comprehensive Medical Device Cybersecurity & Risk Management Solution

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clearwater, a top-ranked healthcare cyber risk management solutions company, announced today that it will offer healthcare delivery organizations the most comprehensive solution available for improving the security of biomedical devices connected to their networks. Much more than just a traditional vulnerability assessment, Clearwater strengthens its end-to-end, enterprise approach to reducing risks, by automatically identifying, assessing, and managing risk of all wired as well as wireless medical devices.

Clearwater’s medical device security solution adds a new dimension to traditional vulnerability assessment by enabling technology to discover and inventory medical devices, identify which devices have electronic protected health information (ePHI), assess their vulnerabilities, interpret active threats, and provide actionable insights for reducing risk. Clearwater’s IRM|Analysis™ software utilizes the resulting inventory and Clearwater’s proprietary algorithms to facilitate an OCR-Quality Security Risk Analysis on the medical devices, as well as to implement and document remediation actions. The result is a complete risk analysis and risk response solution that complies with HIPAA requirements.

Security of medical devices is of great concern to healthcare providers, as unauthorized access to a biomedical device may not only threaten confidentiality of ePHI, but also has the potential of compromising availability of service and integrity of data that might be critical to patient care. Awareness of these concerns is growing. As recently as August of this year, Homeland Security issued alerts for some Phillips medical devices, and last year the FDA issued a recall of 465,000 pacemakers from another manufacturer to patch security holes.

“Understanding risks associated with medical devices has proven challenging for hospitals,” said Steve Cagle, CEO of Clearwater. “Many do not have the tools or processes in place to find and profile them. As a result, healthcare providers are not assessing vulnerabilities, performing risk analysis, or taking appropriate steps to reduce risks to these devices to acceptable levels. Clearwater’s solution addresses these challenges by creating a comprehensive process of discovering devices and performing both a technical evaluation and a security risk analysis. This solution also delivers specific actions that can be taken to improve security. With our solution in place, hospitals will be able to more efficiently and effectively prioritize where they should focus their security efforts.”

In addition to retaining Clearwater to create or improve their programs, customers can opt to engage Clearwater on an ongoing basis to monitor device activity, vulnerabilities, and threats, and make recommendations for remediation. This enables hospitals to implement an ongoing, continuous process to managing device security without the need to refocus internal resources.

About Clearwater

Clearwater provides the most complete and trusted, enterprise-class cyber risk management solution available. Designed for healthcare providers and their partners, Clearwater’s IRM|Pro® platform and experienced professional services team provide insights and actions to address compliance, cyber and patient safety risks. Clearwater is a 2017 Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company, the 2018 Best in KLAS winner in Cybersecurity Advisory Services, and the 2017 and 2018 Black Book Marketing Research winner in Compliance and Risk Management Solutions. Its solutions are exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association as well as numerous state hospital associations. Clearwater solutions have been deployed within hundreds of hospitals and health systems, Fortune 100 organizations, and federal government institutions. More information about Clearwater is at

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