Clearwater Provides Complimentary Teleworking Systems Discovery and Analysis to Help Healthcare Organizations Strengthen Remote Workforce Security

NASHVILLE, TN (March 31, 2020) – To aid information security teams in managing the rapid transition to a remote workforce resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, Clearwater is providing its customers and other healthcare providers with Teleworking Systems Security Insight. This complimentary offering includes a customizable survey tool and related consulting services to assist in discovering, analyzing, and integrating the administrative functions of new systems and services being used for telework within their organizations.

From new cloud-based applications and external email programs to new personal devices and data storage locations, a wide range of systems and services are now being used by the healthcare workforce. Many of these are being deployed in ways not contemplated before the emergence of COVID-19 prompted a massive shift to teleworking. In many cases, these new systems:

  • Are not approved by the organization
  • Create significant security risk
  • Include free services that may violate organizational policy, federal regulations, and cause sensitive information disclosure
  • Create new business workflows that are not known or administered by the organization
  • Create unmanaged business risk from potential systems failure or system and information unavailability due to workforce member turnover or illness

Clearwater developed Teleworking Systems Security Insight to equip its healthcare customers with a tool they can rapidly deploy in their organizations to identify new applications, systems, services and devices being used by their workforce. Teleworking Systems Security Insight reports identify which of these systems and solutions warrant attention and may require mitigation of potential security concerns.

To minimize the burden on its customers, Clearwater will collect the data from pre-developed workforce member surveys that can be easily customized to align with the customer’s environment. Clearwater’s expert consultants will review the data, identify significant trends and risks, and deliver a report to the customer recommending applicable and appropriate security practices for the circumstances.

“The rapid sea change in how organizations are working may be leaving them vulnerable to unanticipated security threats,” said Jon Moore, Clearwater’s Chief Risk Officer and head of Consulting Services. “Through our Teleworking Systems Security Insight service, we provide information security teams that are overburdened right now with an efficient way to better understand their remote work environment and gauge the risks associated with it.”

Organizations interested in using Clearwater’s Teleworking Systems Security Insight service are encouraged to contact the company at For more insight and resources related to the COVID-19 crisis, visit

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