Clearwater unveils cybersecurity service to fight ransomware and other incidents

The intent is to help healthcare CIO and CISOs improve IT compliance and risk management posture, as well as information resource management.

Clearwater Compliance, a provider of healthcare compliance and information risk management services, released Cyber Risk Services, an information and cybersecurity program endorsed by the American Hospital Association, the company is set to announce shortly.

Launched in response to the increase in ransomware attacks, the program is designed to help CIOs and CISOs improve information security compliance and risk management posture within their organizations.

And when an incident occurs, CRS will provide onsite support within two business days, in case of an Office for Civil Rights’ enforcement action, to prepare a response and related evidence.

The three-year program uses real-time information privacy and security skillsets to help healthcare organizations establish, implement and grow information resources management (IRM) programs, officials said. It both addresses and improves every IRM factor, including governance, processes, technology and others.

With CRS, organizations will receive a designate risk management leader, annual risk analyses and risk response, onsite presence for risk oversight duties, monthly and quarterly executive reports and ongoing IRM education – to name a few.

CRS includes Clearwater’s IRM-Pro software that helps organizations become more self-sufficient over the course of the program. Officials said that CRS works with IT, security and risk management teams to improve security effectiveness.

Clearwater’s team ensures health IT departments meet industry best practices in cyber risk visibility, help eliminate process variation and improve data protection strategies, using NIST’s guide to IRM. CRS is also in accordance with OCR guidelines.

“Due to the constantly evolving threats to information security, hospital leaders today need a comprehensive, cost-effective approach to safeguard a hospital’s data, systems and reputation,” Doug Shaw, chief operating and development Officer of Health Forum, AHA’s strategic business branch, said in a statement. “We’re pleased to endorse Clearwater’s latest solution so hospitals can continue their proactive efforts around cybersecurity.”

You can view the article at Healthcare IT News


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