A Blueprint for Success Part 1: Embracing Cybersecurity Realities 

Steve Cagle, CEO of Clearwater Security and Compliance, delves into the intricate world of healthcare cybersecurity with industry legends Mac McMillan and Bob Chaput. Together, they dissect the evolving landscape of cybersecurity in healthcare, dissecting the challenges faced by healthcare organizations and the pressing need for a paradigm shift in leadership attitudes.  

This insightful conversation illuminates the complexities of safeguarding healthcare data and the critical role of boards and leadership in understanding the true impact of cyber risks on patient care and business sustainability. Tune in for a profound exploration of the ever-shifting terrain of healthcare cybersecurity and the imperative for proactive strategies in safeguarding patient information and organizational integrity. 

Steve Cagle
Steve Cagle
CEO, Clearwater
Bob Chaput
Founder & Chairman, Clearwater
Mac McMillan
Founder, CynergisTek

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