(ISMG) Pushing the Healthcare Sector to Improve Cybersecurity

Getting the health sector to vastly improve the state of its cybersecurity will take much more than the recent issuance of federal guidance outlining cyber performance goals for entities. It will also require new government incentives and mandates, said Steve Cagle, CEO of consultancy Clearwater.

“It’s a combination of things. Just publishing the goals – it’ll help. But it’s not really going to be enough to change behavior,” said Cagle about the new cybersecurity performance goals for the healthcare sector that the Department of Health and Human Services issued recently.

In this podcast episode with ISMG’s Marianne McGee, Clearwater CEO Steve Cagle discusses:

  • What’s missing from HHS’ cybersecurity performance goals for healthcare sector entities;
  • Surging security risks and threats involving third-party vendors and business associates;
  • Holding the C-suite accountable for healthcare cybersecurity issues.

Listen to their conversation here.

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