Live at ViVE: How to Safeguard Your Healthcare Organization from Cyber Threats with Steve Cagle (HLTH)

Published by HLTH

Cyberattacks are not just about data; they can disrupt critical healthcare services.

On this episode of The Beat, recorded live at ViVE 2024, Steve Cagle, CEO of Clearwater, delves into the transformative impact of digital technology on healthcare delivery and highlights how technology improves operational efficiency, patient experience, and access to care in remote locations. With these advancements come cybersecurity challenges, with an alarming rise in cyberattacks targeting sensitive patient data, which is why he stresses the critical importance of prioritizing data security and patient safety, emphasizing that cybersecurity is not only about protecting data but also safeguarding lives. Steve also discusses Clearwater’s approach to assisting healthcare organizations, including risk analysis, establishing a cybersecurity culture, and implementing scalable security programs aligned with industry standards. Moreover, he touches on recent developments in healthcare cybersecurity, such as the Department of Health and Human Services’ efforts to address cybersecurity concerns, and shares Clearwater’s commitment to supporting smaller healthcare providers by offering comprehensive cybersecurity services through its Clear Advantage Program.

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